What is W-P+P-W?


Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman (pronounced Waldman-Plesch "PLUS" Plesch-Waldman) is an art collective consisting of two art history professors, Véronique Plesch (aka Plesch-Waldman) and Louis Alexander Waldman (aka Waldman-Plesch).

Since 2018 we have been making art together that is diaristic and intimate, self-referential, poetic, and rooted in our practice as art historians. Our work is a tool for making sense of our lives through reflection on quotidian events, but it also functions as a means of communicating with one another.

Our visual language layers straightforward chronicling of the ups and downs of our daily existence with imagery and allusions that reflect our private obsessions. The recurring motifs we depict are not always transparent to anyone other than ourselves, but they always hint at the archaeology of emotion and lived experience.



Contact and Purchase Inquiries

waldman@mail.utexas.edu or vbplesch@colby.edu